Birdie Chefs Table

While driving to Birdie for my first chefs table experience I had a million thoughts running through my mind. I just spent $100 for a 10-14 prix fix menu, had no idea what food would be on the prepared and was sitting with a small group of people that I did not know. Regardless of the negative thoughts in my mind I was determined to broaden my palette. Birdie is located in the back of Nighthawks in Minneapolis. Upon reaching the host stand and stating that you are attending the chefs table they walk you to the beautiful kitchen where your experience awaits.

Once everyone has arrived and has chosen their seat the chefs takes the stage to explain what you are about to experience. Hand written menus are placed in front of you showing the plates that will be crafted throughout the evening. Also, if you love wine like I do then you can purchase an option where a different wines are paired with the dishes. The chef explains that with each course there will be a different record playing that was hand picked to pair with the course you are enjoying. The amount of thought and care that went into preparation just leaves me speechless, you can feel the passion.

Once the introduction is done the cooking and conversing between one another begins. I cannot explain the amount of passion and diligence you can see while the chef and their team work together to present the dishes. As the food arrived I managed to snap a picture of each dish before I took my first bites. The worries went away with each plate of food that was presented to me. There was a seafood dish and I can say seafood is normally not my first choice but, it was done so beautifully it was delicious. As dinner came to an end I was so glad that I decided to broaden my palette horizon.

If you have the opportunity to attend a chefs table I highly recommend Birdie Chefs Table. Do not worry about the unknown just bite the bullet and go experience something that is unique. This would be a great date night or if you would like even get together a handful of friends and enjoy the experience all together. Regardless of how you choose to experience Birdie just do it.


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One thought on “Birdie Chefs Table

  1. Beautiful plates! Reading your experience; for me really evoked a feeling of just “going for it.” When it comes to food, I find it difficult to pull away from my “norm” based on previous experiences of switching it up. However, I feel that this blog is motivating and helped me reframe my mindset into trying something new. Going for it, I may find my newest favorite food! Thanks for sharing this!

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