Betty Dangers

Betty Danger’s Country Club I don’t even know where to begin with this unique restaurant and bar. A theme based on Mexampton and a Country Club for everyone to attend. Betty is related to Suzi and Donny and they run Psycho Suzi’s and Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den. They all live an interesting yet dysfunctional life as a family. If you are curious about the events that lead them to where they are at then check out their website and laugh or cry about their lives.

As you drive over the bridge the first thing that is visible is The Danger.  I am sure everyone reading this is asking what the hell The Danger is, well let me enlighten you. It is a bright pink and green vertically revolving patio that lights up the corner of Marshall Street and Lowry Avenue. It is not just for show either you are actually allowed to ride it but, not for free. There are a couple different packages that you can purchase at their Caddy Shack. One of the packages is the Standard Danger Experience and it includes an alcoholic or a non-alcoholic beverage, if you’re feeling lame or not old enough to drink, to bring on your 20 minute experience. If The Danger does not seem like an experience you want to participate in then you can play some mini-golf on the Monetary Correction Golf Course. It is an eight and half hole course that is filled with Betty’s imaginary pets that live on the course make sure to treat them with respect. There are some rules and regulations for the course that you can find at the Caddy Shack when you purchase your ticket to participate. Just like The Danger you are allowed to drink while golfing, a win-win in my book.

After participating in such rigorous activities you have probably worked up an appetite and thirst for some Mexampton food and drinks. Again probably wondering what the hell Mexampton food and drinks are. I am here to tell you it is a little bit of Mexican and a little bit of Hampton and it is delicious. My number one choice there is their Al Pastor Pork Tacos which is served with black beans and rice. I am a die-hard Mexican food fan and anywhere I go I want to try their tacos. I tend to choose their Yale Margarita blended made with Skull & Bones and Prickly Pear. Whatever you may end up choosing it will not disappoint.

I recommend vising in the summer time for the activities because I hate the winter as much as you probably hate your in-laws. If you love your visit to Betty’s enough you can even inquire for a membership and brag to everyone that you are part of a Country Club. In the end this is an experience that you do not want to miss.




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