Volstead House

Tucked in the back of Burgers and Bottles through a black curtain is a speakeasy known as The Volstead House. This was one of the first speakeasy’s I have visited and I truly enjoy spending time here. Their extensive whiskey list ranges from American to Japanese whiskeys. The menu that is specific to Volstead’s has a sophisticated twist to your typical bar food. If this is already intriguing you then make sure you arrive there as early as you can because this place will fill up quickly.

Now let’s talk some whiskey, my favorite type of liquor. Volstead’s offers such an extensive whiskey list that it is hard to choose what ones to indulge in. If you are like me and cannot ever choose what to drink try then you are in luck they offer whiskey flights. I decided to choose Around the World flight so I could sample a little bit of everything. The first whiskey was Collingwood from Canada then Bastille from France and last but my favorite Bain’s from South Africa. Next time I visit I will most definitely be trying the Off to Japan flight just because there is something about Japan that intrigues me. If flights are not your cup of whiskey then no fear their hand-crafted drinks will not disappoint. Offering everything from the classic Old Fashioned to modern drinks they created like the Smoke Filled Roundabout there is something for everyone. Even though they are known for their whiskey they also offer wines, wine flights and beer. Now onto the food to help you sober up from the copious amounts of whiskey that was just ingested.

The menu offered in the speakeasy is narrowed down to small plates and a three large plates. You can also order food from the Burgers and Bottles menu if the Volstead’s menu does not suit your fancy. I decided to order the Pork Schnitzel which was pork medallions with gravy and a greens tossed in a vinaigrette. I went a little outside of my comfort zone ordering this but, that is what my experiences are all about. It was plated nicely and the pork was cooked perfectly but it was not my favorite dish that I have had. I have tried their caprese pizza along with their brownie dessert both were delicious and something I would definitely order again the only issue was I did not see that pizza on the menu.

At the end of the day I really enjoy the atmosphere and the intimate feeling Volstead’s gives. The drinks are great the food is good and the staff is friendly and knowledge. I would bring my significant other here or a great friend to grab some drinks and catch up. Volstead’s is a win in my book and I will definitely be visiting again soon.



*photo credit Volstead’s website*



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