Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

Beautifully decorated waffles and freshly brewed coffee are something I am not able to indulge in as much as I would like. I work early mornings and well let’s be honest not everyone can make delicious waffles and coffee like Black Coffee and Waffle Bar does. A few weekends ago I decided to brave the Minnesota cold to visit this restaurant in St.Paul with a good friend of mine and I am happy we did.

We arrived roughly around noon because well Sunday’s are hard. It was still fairly busy even for the restaurant opening at 7am. Nevertheless there was still open spots and I wanted a damn waffle. To my surprise they were sold out of the One Bad Pig the was covered with ham and swiss cheese and I was devastated. I was told they were not expecting as much business as they received the day after Christmas so they are normally not sold out of that waffle. I decided to settle for their Naughty Waffle which has strawberries, bananas, blueberries, almond butter, granola and whipped cream. My friend who joined me indulged in their Banana Nut Waffle which had bananas (of course), walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg and whipped cream. Both waffles were delicious and just as beautifully crafted as the pictures on their website. Now, let’s not forget about the coffee because that is just as important as the waffles if not more. I really wanted an Iced Caramel Latte but again I was told they were out of caramel. As I pondered I chose an Iced Miel, which is something I have never heard of or tried for that fact. If I remember correctly it has cinnamon, honey, espresso and milk and comes either hot or iced. It was damn delicious and I would drink it again and again and again.

I thoroughly enjoy visiting restaurants like Black Coffee and Waffle Bar that specialize in select menu items because they are always done so well. I am definitely going to be re-visiting this restaurant in the near future. I want to check out their Minneapolis location and try their One Bad Pig Waffle because who doesn’t love ham and swiss?


*Featured image is from Minneapolis Eater

*Image of Waffle and Coffee is one that I took


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