Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio

I have been loading my blog up with posts about food and drinks so to change the pace up here is a things to do post. I mean let’s be honest we all need a fun way to work off all of the food and drinks we have indulged in from my previous posts. What better place to workout than at Dollhouse? I am sure many of you reading have not worked out at a pole studio or are maybe worried that you will not be able to actually do it. Well, I am here to tell you to not worry!

Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio is the best Pole Studio I have been to in the Twin Cities. I have visited this studio more times than I can count and each time I have always enjoyed my time spent there. The instructors are beyond friendly and always makes sure you do not feel left behind or lost when taking classes. The color scheme is purple and black which speaks to my soul. When they perform at local shows or competitions they kill it. They are even located across from Diamonds Coffee Shoppe which you can hang at between classes. All around this place is just plain awesomeness. Now, let me tell you a little bit about their classes that you can choose from.

If you are new to pole then I would recommend joining their 4-week Intro to Pole class where you will learn the basics. You will also be set up to join their Pole Fundamentals (Level 1) when you complete Intro and are cleared by an instructor. Once you feel comfortable you can venture out and try a tricks class or another type of pole class. Now if pole is not your cup of tea do not worry they have other classes to choose from. You can pick from Hip Hop, Lyra/Aerial Hoop, Legs & Splits, Contortion, and more! You can even have your closest friends or anyone you would like for a private party. I could go on and on about Dollhouse and the confidence it has given me and how awesome it is but I have to accomplish other things today. Also use code FRISTCLASS for $10 off your first visit because who doesn’t love to save money.



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